Scientific work in the laboratory is not only a complex and precise process, but also an exciting activity that can be made interesting and accessible even to a   schoolchild.

Our goal: to convey to schoolchildren that we have in Primorsky Krai, near their home, the opportunity to explore the world and learn the unknown with the help of modern scientific methods. We give children the opportunity to expand the horizons of their worldview.

We have experience in conducting master classes, popular science lectures and project activities with schoolchildren from classes 7 to 11 and are happy to cooperate with schools.

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Science festival

Since 2015, we regularly participate in the Science Festival with the master class “Probe the Nanoworld” and conduct a demonstration of the work of a real scanning probe microscope Nanoeducator.

The guys have a unique opportunity to see the nanostructures and understand the principle of the microscope. While scanning the surface of a DVD disc, they see for the first time that the information bits “1” and “0” are real nano-objects, not an abstraction.

At the review lecture “Current trends in magnetism: towards atoms”, Alexey Ognev talks about achievements in the physics of magnetic phenomena in a popular science form. The lecture is designed for unprepared schoolchildren of any age who love modern technology and science.

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Workshops and lectures

We hold 1-3 day popular science workshops and lectures for schoolchildren of 9-11 classes in physics, nanotechnology and nanomaterials. Classes are held in the laboratory building of FEFU in our laboratory.

Typical class content:

  • Design of nanomaterials: from theory to practice.

  • Methods for the study of nanomaterials.

  • Practical lessons on the atomic power microscope and magneto-optical microscope.

In 2019, we first held a master class on nanotechnology for amazing children from the Special (Corrective) comprehensive boarding school I type.

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Project activities

For several years we have been carrying out project activities with schoolchildren from the scientific shifts of the All-Russian Children's Center “Ocean”. In 2018, our project “Biomagnetic Sensors for the Diagnosis of Cancer Diseases” won the first prize in the Innovations Start 2018 competition.

In 2019, a new project “Laboratory of Film Technologies” will be tested with students.

The works will be carried out within the framework of the Uniquant shift.