Employees of the Laboratory of thin film technology actively develop the educational programs in the field of Physics and Nanotechnology.


Our goal is to build a cross-cutting educational trajectory:

School -> Undergraduate -> Master -> Postgraduate -> High Level Researcher

Work with schoolchildren is conducted on a regular basis within the framework of the Pacific Project School, Uniquant, project shifts at the All-Russian Child Center "Ocean" for Children, etc.


In FEFU, undergraduate students in physics and nanoelectronics participate in research work in the laboratory. The researchers of the laboratory teach specialized disciplines using the latest experimental results obtained using the state-of-art equipment and methods.

Since 2019, we have opened an international Master program "Applied Physics".

We have a postgraduate program in the field of the Condensed Matter Physics.

Postgraduate Leaders: Ognev Alexey Vyacheslavovich and Samardak Alexander Sergeevich.

We are waiting for you!



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Office L445, FEFU Campus
10 Ajax Bay, Russky Island
Vladivostok, Russia

email: ognevav@gmail.com

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